Caliente Sports


Gym membership can be done in three ways. The first one is for daily membership. You may use the gym facilities only for one day. You may also be a monthly member. You can avail of the gym facilities for a month. You may opt not to renew your membership after one month. The last type is for annual membership. You only have to renew your membership once a year.

There are 3 types of cards that you can choose from. This includes:

  • The Basic Bronze Card, which gives you access to our gym equipment including treadmill, still bicycle and dumbbells.
  • The Silver Upgrade Card, which lets you access the gym equipment plus enroll in any of the classes available. Take note though that the classes have limited slots for each session. You need to sign up in advance to avoid being left out.
  • The Gold All Access Card, which allows you to access all sections of the gym. This includes the equipment section, fitness classes and spa. To avail the massage service, you need to make advance booking. You also get a free personal trainer who will just provide assistance to you throughout your stay at the gym.

There are free personal trainers for all types of membership cards. However, for bronze and silver, these trainers will move around to provide assistance. Only the gold cardholders have a personal assistant trainer at all times.

The gym store is a different section. All cardholders who wish to purchase anything at the store have to pay the items purchased in cash or credit cards separately.

Whether you choose daily, monthly or annual membership, you can choose from any of those cards. The price depends on your chosen package.

Below is the list of services you will get in each card:


~The Basic Bronze Card~

Dumb bells
Leg curl machine
Pull up bar
Incline bench press
Foam roller
Dipping bars
Abdominal bench
Leg extension machine
Squat station
Hack Squat machine
Cables and pulleys
Other basic gym equipment

$10- daily
$280- monthly
$3,000- yearly


~The Silver Upgrade Card~

All equipment available for basic bronze cardholders

Zumba class
Spin class
Step aerobics

$20- daily
$550- monthly
$6,000- yearly


~The Gold All Access Card~

All equipment and services available for Upgraded Silver Cardholders

Swimming pool
Massage services (advance booking only)

$50- daily
$1,400- monthly
$15,000- yearly