Caliente Sports

Terms and Conditions

Last updated July 2016


Payments and Deposits

Once you have decided to be a member of our gym, you have to pay the necessary payments right away. You can choose from daily, monthly and annual payment options. Once you have made decided which of these payment options you would go for, you are expected to pay immediately. This applies for both office and online registration.

Cancellations and Refunds

All fees are non-refundable. You are allowed to cancel your membership at any point, but you can no longer take your money back. For instance, you have only used 10 days out of your 30-day monthly membership. You may opt not to renew your membership once it expires, but we can’t refund you for the number of days that you have not used our gym. Refund of payment is only possible if there are mistakes in the billing.

Fixed Gym Guest Count

Gym membership can only be done in an individual basis. We don’t offer group packages or supplementary membership packages. We provide gym membership card for all members to access the gym. This card is non-transferrable. It will also automatically disable if membership is not renewed. For members who have chosen the annual membership package, a gym buddy may be brought for free, but only for a total of 30 sessions in one year.

Fixed Pricing

The membership fee is fixed. We might offer promotions at certain times during the year. Those promotions may or may not be published online. We reserve the right to make membership fee changes without prior notice. However, it will only be applicable for your membership renewal payment.

Additional Payments

We may charge extra payments for additional guests (not included in the free package), and lost or damaged items.